A historical perspective on the feasibility of a food cooperative in Amherst

In the Spring semester of 2013, History students studying with Professor Laura Lovett took a historical perspective in determining whether or not a food cooperative, such as the Amherst Community Market, would be feasible for the town of Amherst.  Their research points to yes!

Both papers touch upon the historical roots of the cooperative movement.  These works point to the success of cooperatives in existence today.  Moreover, they take a look at the real economic and social ramifications of cooperative business and its alternatives. We would like to give a special thanks to Professor Lovett and her students: Daniel Murphy, Kelly Simpkin, Seth Stambovsky, Alyssa Stenson, Emerson Almeida, Kenneth Mick, and Ryan McAdams, for producing this truly important work.  Their papers not only serve to assist the Amherst Community Market as it gets closer to conducting a market and feasibility study, but serve as educational tools that share the history of the cooperative movement and its realities today.

You can check out the papers here:

A Cooperative Future: A Look at the Structure of the Amherst Community Market through a History of Cooperatives

Taking Control: The Tenability of National, Regional, and Local Cooperative Businesses

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