Join the Amherst Community Co-op as a founding member-owner today!

Why become a member-owner? Because we can't open our doors without you! Co-ops rely significantly on their founding member-owners for start-up capital. The more members who join us now, the sooner we can bring this much-needed food co-op to our town. A food co-op for Amherst means so many things- increased access to healthy food, the opportunity for workers to have direct ownership over the work they do in a democratic workplace, the growth of the cooperative economy (locally and globally), and more support for our vibrant local food movement, among other things.

As we speak, 10 food co-ops are working on opening their doors around New England, and 117 are starting up nationwide. It's a great time to be starting a co-op, and it's a great time to become a founding member-owner!

Take a look at our membership brochure:

Member-Owner Brochure

Member-Owner Sign-up Form

To join by mail, you may print and fill out the form on page two and mail a check made payable to "Amherst Community Co-op" to:

Amherst Food Co-op
141 North Pleasant Street
PO Box 169
Amherst, MA 01002

To join online, please click "Join Online" above.

Once we process your membership, we will send you a welcome e-mail with your member number.

What are the benefits of member-ownership at Amherst Community Co-op?

Patronage Dividends. Rebates will be issued to members at the end of profitable years, as determined by the Board of Directors.
Voting rights and the option to run for the Board of Directors. You will be able to participate in co-op decisions and run for the Board of Directors.
Bulk Ordering. Opportunities for members to participate in bulk buying will be available.
Member Discounts. Some sales will be available to members only, and members will receive discounts on member appreciation days.
Access to education and event space.
The co-op will be a place for food and community education.

A member-ownership is an investment in our co-op.

By investing in the co-op, you are supporting...

  • meaningful, empowering employment opportunities for local residents
  • the livelihood of local farmers and producers
  • a strong, fair, community-based economy
  • a safer, healthier food system
  • accessible food for all
  • educational community space

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a member-ownership cost? Your member-ownership share is a one-time cost of $175.00. It can be paid in full, or through a payment plan of $25 per quarter.

Do I have to be a member to shop at the co-op? Anyone will be able to shop at the co-op, member-owner or not!

Will I have to volunteer my time in addition to my investment?  Member-ownership at Amherst Community Co-op does not require work.

Where will the co-op be located? We have yet to pick a location, but are in the process of narrowing down a few sites to submit to our consultant for market analysis. Once we reach 300 member-owners, we'll be able to hire CDS Consulting to conduct our market study, which will give us an idea of the size of a co-op Amherst can support, and what location makes the most sense. Accessibility is key to our mission, so we will do everything we can to make sure that the location of the co-op is as accessible as possible- whether that be by foot, bicycle, bus, or car.

Have questions about membership? Send us an e-mail at .

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