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As we get closer to reaching our goal of 150 members, which will allow us to move forward with our feasibility study, we thought it would be exciting to start a section of the website devoted to gathering inspiration for our co-op. We'll post articles, photos, and ideas from other co-ops that will inspire the design and activities of our co-op. We would love your input- please feel free to submit comments on our posts!

To start us off, here's an excerpt from an article about Mariposa Food Co-op in West Philadelphia, a co-op that opened a new location in March of 2012:

"The $2.6 million structure, to open in January, will be five times bigger, with vertical farming, bee hives, and a demonstration kitchen on the roof; dry-goods storage and cisterns for harvesting rainwater in the basement; a cafe and a classroom on the mezzanine; and, on the ground floor, aisles and aisles of locally grown produce, dairy, beef, and Seida's favorite, tempeh bacon." -Diana Marder, Food Co-ops On Rise In Philly Area

 What a dream! Here is a cross-section view of the developments they hope to include in their next phase of renovations:



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