Archive of Amherst Community Co-op Newsletters

March 2017 ~ Recap of Member-Owner Drive, Progress Report, Updated Goals, Member Profile: Solomon Goldstein-Rose

August 2016 ~ Recap of the Fourth of July Parade, Announcement of Laura's Board resignation, Call for committee volunteers

July 2016 ~ Invitation to Fourth of July Parade in South Amherst, Co-op Committee Assignments, Board Appointments

May 2016 ~ Annual Meeting Recap, Fundraising Goals, NFCA Start-up Conference Recap, Co-op Profile of Dorchester Community Co-op, Recipe for Ramp Shrimp and Grits

April 2016 ~ Annual Meeting Save The Date, call for board members, Valley Gives Day, member-owner profile: Laura Mason, co-op profile: Franklin Community Co-op, recipe for pan-seared scallops

March 2016 ~ Recap of our Shutesbury event, member-owner profile: Rebecca Fricke, recap of the NFCA 5th Annual Meeting, co-op profile of NFCA, recipe for Tropical Fruit Salad

February 2016 ~ Information an upcoming gathering in Shutesbury, member-owner profile: George Myers, co-op profile: Collective Copies, recipe for Scalloped Potatoes

January 2016 ~ Bylaws Approval and Upcoming Board Elections, Tabling at the Winter Market, member-owner profile: Rebecca Thomas, co-op profile of Simple Diaper and Linen, recipe for Japanese Fried Chicken (kara-age or tatsuta-age)

December/December 2015 ~ Progress update: timeline planning, the Amherst Winter Farmer's Market becomes a co-op, recipe for Butternut Squash and Garlic Pasta

October 2015 ~ Salute to All Things Local, NFCA Fall Gathering, co-op profile: Laura's Co-op Roadtrip, recipe for Sicilian Cauliflower Soup

September 2015 ~ Congratulations to a few members of our steering committee, recap of a great house party, co-op profile of Pedal People, recipe for Fennel and Tomato Stew

July 2015 ~ Info about an upcoming open meeting, Support for start-up food co-ops, co-op profile of Cooperative Manduvirá, recipe for Summer Morning Pancakes

June 2015 ~ Next steps: Feasibility, recap of Dorie's Ride, results of our FCI seed grant application, co-op profile on River Valley Market, and a recipe for Ramen with Greens

May 2015 ~ An update on the co-op's progress, information about Dorie's Ride, a co-op profile on City Market/Onion River Co-op, and a recipe for Asparagus Risotto

April 2015 ~ A note from our treasurer, info about the upcoming screening of The Hand That Feeds, an update about our progress, and a recipe for Parsnip Soup

February 2015 ~ Remembering Dorie Goldman, a piece by steering committee member Alex Kent on why you should become a member and how that ties into good citizenship, local area co-op news, and a recipe for Orange Wafers

January 2015 ~ An update on the state of the co-op's progress, a note about the Amherst Winter Farmer's Market, and a recipe for Spinach Rice

December 2014 ~ A Guide to Shopping Co-op this holiday season, kicking off the Winter Farmer's Market, and a recipe for Creamed Onions

November 2014 ~ An update on our membership drive, Ask Co-op Cathy, and picking up your co-op tote bag

October 2014 ~ The Bill Newman Show's annual co-op month episode, a summary of Tom Webb's presentation on the cooperative advantage at the NFCA's Fall Gathering, a recipe for Provencal Leek and Pepper Stew, and new tote bags

September 2014 ~ A look at our proposed collective governance structure as inspired by Rainbow Grocery, and a recipe for Saag Tamataar vaa Shimala Mirch (Spinach with Tomatoes and Sweet Pepper)

August 2014 ~ Information about our upcoming potluck at Groff Park and a recipe for Gumbo du Jardin

July 2014 ~ Updates about our research into collective governance, the upcoming feasibility study, and a great summer veggie recipe

May 2014 ~ Information about becoming a member

April 2014 ~ Recap of our membership drive kick-off event

March 2014 ~ Full details of our membership drive kick-off event and guest speakers

February 2014 ~ Report about our film screening of Food For Change, info about our membership drive kick-off event

January 2014 ~ Introducing our name change, info about our screening of Food For Change, local producers, and other Valley co-ops.

November 2013 ~ Introducing our new logo, a historical perspective on the feasibility of a food co-op in Amherst, and a recap of the Amherst Food Forum with All Things Local

October 2013 ~ Co-op month news, Amherst Food Forum with All Things Local, Valley Green Feasts teams up with Boston Collective Delivery

September 2013 ~ Updates about our co-op's progress and photos from our "I want a food co-op!" campaign.


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