October is Co-op Month!

Every October, co-ops everywhere celebrate by spreading the word about why co-ops rocks. We are working to make a real difference in our communities every day, and that's a huge part of the cooperative difference. Below are some great examples of the work that co-ops are doing in our own community!


Check out The Bill Newman Show's annual co-op month episode at the link below to hear local cooperators from River Valley Market, Collective Copies, PV Squared, and Franklin Community Co-op talk about the cooperative difference. 


TESA (Toolbox for Social Education and Action) is working on a documentary with GritTV called Own The Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op At A Time. To watch a trailer for this documentary, and to learn what you can do to support their hard work, visit  https://tesa.nationbuilder.com/own_the_change.


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Amherst Food Co-op
A start-up worker- and consumer-owned food co-op in Amherst, MA