As we build our co-operative, we have relied on the advice, support, and friendship from a number of other co-operative institutions. We owe a big thanks to these organizations and businesses - check 'em out!

CDS Consulting Co-op Resources

Start-Up Resources : a list of CDS's resources for start-up food co-ops

Webinars : a collection of webinars for start-up co-operators who are seeking a better understanding of the specific steps to starting a food co-op.

Four Cornerstones in Three Stages : a visual guide for start-up co-ops.

Co-operative Development Resources 

Co-operative Fund of New England

Co-operative Grocers Institute

Food Co-op Initiative

Valley Alliance for Worker Co-operatives

Neighboring Food Co-op Association

International Co-operative Alliance

River Valley Market: A Start-up Case Study

Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives

Cooperative Equity and Ownership: An Introduction

Looking to shop co-op? Here is a list of other co-operatives in the Pioneer Valley : 

Brattleboro Holistic Health Center Co-operative : a worker-owned cooperative providing health services such as acupuncture, massage therapy, counseling, and nutritional services.

Campus Design and Copy : a student-run collective offering copies and graphic design to the UMass Amherst community, located in the student union.

Collective Copies : a worker-owned cooperative copy shop with locations in Belchertown, Amherst, and Florence.

Co-op 108 : a worker-owned cooperative that creates wholesome body products.

Earthfoods : a student-run collective serving fresh, delicious vegetarian meals to the UMass Amherst campus in the student union.

Equal Exchange : a worker-owned cooperative that specializes in fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate products, bananas, and almonds.

Food For Thought Books : a worker's collective bookstore in Amherst whose books emphasize social justice and progressive change. Sadly, Food For Thought closed their doors in 2014- we will always be thankful to them for hosting our first community meetings, and for offering so much support to us in our earliest phases of development. We love you FFT!

Franklin Community Co-operative : FCC comprises two co-operative grocery stores in Greenfield - McCusker's Market and Green Fields Market.

Gaia Host Collective : a web hosting worker's co-operative in the Pioneer Valley.

Greeno Sub Shop : a student-run collective located in the basement of UMass Amherst's Greenough dormitory, offering a place for students to eat delicious food and gather as a community.

Pedal People : a bike-powered worker's cooperative delivery service/trash and recycling pick-up.

Pelham Auto :  a worker-owned cooperative selling parts for European and Asian vehicles located in Pelham.

People's Market : a student-run collective coffee shop/snack stop on the UMass Amherst campus- in the student union!

Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics : a worker-owned solar-installation cooperative.

River Valley Market : Northampton's food co-operative since 2008.UMass Five College Credit Union : a cooperative credit union serving Amherst and Northampton.

Simple Diaper and Linen : a worker-owned diaper and linen pick-up/delivery service that prioritizes eco-conscious options.

Stone Soup Farm : a new worker-owned cooperative CSA farm.

Sweets 'n More : a student-run collective operating out of the Orchard Hill dormitories on the UMass Amherst campus, offering delicious treats to the student body.

Sylvan Snack Bar : a student-run collective located in the basement of the McNamara dormitory on the UMass Amherst campus, offering late-night sandwiches, pizzas and treats to students.

Valley Green Feast : a worker's co-operative that delivers fresh, local food in the Pioneer Valley.

Historical Perspective on Cooperatives

A Cooperative Future: A Look at the Structure of the Amherst Community Market through a History of Cooperatives 

Taking Control:The Tenability of National, Regional, and Local Cooperative Businesses

UMass students working with Professor Laura Lovett took a historical perspective at looking as the feasibility of cooperatives.  Both papers touch upon the historical roots of the cooperative movement.  These works point to the success of cooperatives in existence today.  Moreover, they take a look at the real economic and social ramifications of cooperative business and its alternatives. We would like to thank Daniel Murphy, Kelly Simpkin, Seth Stambovsky, Alyssa Stenson, Emerson Almeida, Kenneth Mick, and Ryan McAdams, for producing this truly important work.  Their papers not only serve to assist the Amherst Community Co-op as it gets closer to conducting a market and feasibility study, but serve as educational tools that share the history of the cooperative movement and its realities today.

Articles Relating to Cooperatives

Cooperative Equity and Ownership: An Introduction : published by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

Meetings and Consensus : employee-owned design and construction company, South Mountain Company, on their collective             management structure

Solidarity As A Business Model : a multi-stakeholder cooperatives manual

How Worker Cooperatives Work

Consensus Decision Making : a presentation by Rachel Anne M.L. on


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